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Is a payee representative right for you?


Taking Clients From Where They Are to Where They Need to Be

Welcome to Community Living Assistance Support Services! We are a nonprofit entity that cares about the needs of our community. One of these is to help them attain Social Security funds. Our payee representatives are more than willing to design a program to govern the client’s funds, and make sure their monthly bills are paid accordingly.

We are also mental health advocates, who work tirelessly with our country’s Social Security Administration to give people in group homes the benefits they truly deserve.

Mission Statement

Community Living Assistance Support Services strives to make life easier for everyone, especially those are deemed mentally disabled.

About Us

Community Living Assistance Support Services is a Social Security Administration (SSA) approved representative payee service based in Cleveland, Ohio. We provide financial management of Social Security benefits for individuals identified by the SSA. Our objective, coupled with social service treatment teams, is to form a relationship with our clients and to successfully manage individual funds and ensure financial stability.

Meet the Founders

R. Abdul Dollar and Lalesa Jones-Dollar are payee representatives and Directors of Community Living Assistance Support Services. They are based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to their establishment in 2013, R. Abdul Dollar was a mental health case worker for over 15 years. His wife, Lalesa Jones-Dollar was a manager/site coordinator at a Food Center.

Community Living Assistance Support Services is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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